I get a message "key not found" when the program starts, what do I do?

Check to see that the key did not fall out of the serial port, make sure the serial port is not been disabled, try another com port.

I lost my software CD can I get a replacement CD?

Yes, all we must know is what version are you currently running.

If my software key is defective can I get a replacement?

Yes, you must return the defective key to Free Technics BV for a replacement.

Can I transfer my licenses to another individual?

Yes, the licenses are not assigned to an end user they are assigned to a software key.

I ordered the wrong license module, can I get a credit/refund?

No, all software sales are final, once a license # is given to an end user we have no way of taking it back.

I lost my software key (dongle) how do I get a replacement?

There is no provisions for a replacement key if it is lost or stolen. You must purchase the licenses again.

Why is my instrument not reading accurately?

The sensor may have went out of spec or the configurator calibration values may have been altered.

Do I have to do periodic re-calibration to sensors?


Can I add another item to monitor to the system?

Yes, contact tech support for a procedure on what is envolved.

If I have to replace a sender do I have to recalibrate the settings?

No as long as you don't change to a sensor with different electrical specs.

My Ex: fuel gauge instrument shows full/empty all the time?

Ohm out sender if resistive, check sender supply voltage, check connection, contact tech support for further advice.

I downloaded a newer version and things don't work or have changed what do I do?

De-install the newer version, install your original version and contact tech support.

I read engine data directly from the engines but I have all dead instruments on the engine page?

If the needle in the instruments are dark gray in color there is no data coming in the com port, verify in configurator that the correct protocol has been assign to the com port that is assigned to the engine.

Can I setup my laptop/another computer as a backup system?

Yes, Install FT NavVision, setup your IP address, copy your configuration files to the backup computers FT NavVision directory, plug the ethernet cable over to the backup computer, install the software key in the backup computers serial port and your finished.

My computer broke and I bought another one and I don't have any backup calibration files, do I have to do calibration all over again?

Maybe not. The person or company that installed the system should have backup ini files of your system and/or the four REP's may have copies of them. Another way is to take the hard drive from the defective computer assuming the hard drive is was not the problem install it in the new computer, setup your IP address in the new computer and now write the backup in files to a CD label the CD so this does not happen again. And your on your way.

Can I install the software on more than one computer?

Yes, but the software will not run without the software key.






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